Monday, June 22, 2009

Tagged?!: Part 1 - Tagged by Tachi

Hmm... I thought I would never be tagged forever in my life. By coincidence, I just got tagged by my skinny one - Tachi (my coursemate in UPM). Ok lah, since I got tagged for the first time, why not I just do this? Because I don't really care what anyone wants from me. I don't really care for myself too. As long as anyone is happy, it's all right for me, because this is life eventually. If you have a request or something, you may request from me, or just bug me OK? :) Since I'm feeling quite curious right now. OK, the rules of this tagging thing is as follows: Fill in the details about yourself.

انا عدنن حافظ


First name: Adnan
Name you wish you had: Adnan, Nanda, Senyum
What do people normally call your name as: Nanda (most of the time), Adnan (when I'm with my family and close relatives), Sengih (ocassionally)
Birthday: 21 Feb 1989
Birthplace: Hospital Bersalin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Single or taken: Single (wonder if I were taken one day)
Zodiac sign: Pisces

My appearance

How tall are you: 165 cm
Wish you were taller: I wish to be as tall as the basketball player (Maybe around 180 cm)
Eye color: Black
Current hair color: Black
Short or long hair: Long hair
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair: Well, last month I suppose
Glasses or contacts: Glasses (I mean, sunglasses - to make myself cool) Haha.
Paint your nail: No. (That is girlish to me)
Shy or outgoing: Half shy, half outgoing (Well, I'm quite a reluctant boy, really)
Sexy or cute: Cute, perhaps
Serious or fun: Fun (It's cool to be jolly)
A turn on: Smiling (because smiling is charity) Haha. I don't simply say this, but I simply loved it!
A turn off: When I felt reluctant (especially when there are things that either depressed me, or feeling down, or something I dislike)

This or That

Flowers or chocolates: Chocolates (Nyum nyum! I love it!)
Rap or rock: Ocassionally rap, but I prefer rock (Well, if you ask me again, I prefer calm music)
Relationship or one night stand: Relationship
School or work: School
Love or money: Love
Country or city: Country
Sunny or rainy days: Sunny days when I feel happy, rainy days when I feel down (but not most of the time)
Friends or family: BOTH!! Because we live as humans in a community. But well, if you ask me, I prefer family because I love them like my relatives

Have you ever

Lied: Yes, when I feel shy (but not always)
Stole something: Yes, when I'm a small boy (How naughty I am when I'm much younger)
Smoked: Never! I HATE SMOKING!!
Hurt someone close to you: Sometimes... (When I couldn't get what I want. Hmm.. that's usual as I'm the youngest in the family. Sorry for everything)
Broke someone's heart: Sometimes (Sorry for everyhing I've said to you that disappoint you or even anything that has been mentioned in the blog itself)
Wonder what was wrong with you: Yes (That's usual, I'm not a perfect guy, although you say I'm handsome or otherwise)
Wish you were prince or princess: Well, I wish to be a hero prince one day
Like someone who was taken: Unsure, because I'm always blur
Shaved your head: Never
Used chopsticks: Yes. Because I'm half Malay, half Chinese (Hokkien)
Sang in the mirror to yourself: Not really, but I sometimes talked to myself whether I'm in the mirror or not


Flower: Lavender (don't know why)
Candy: Normal sweets (especially in packed sweets, you know like Hacks, Hudson's, whatever)
Singer & Song: Hmm.. I like any songs I really enjoy (maybe to the fullest) But guess what? Since they want me to put the singer and song title here, I have to choose one. Ok, I put: Samsons - Kenangan Terindah
Color: Black, I mean I want to be quite formal to myself. If you want to know more, just take a look at my black colour background of my blog
Movie: Well, any movie looks interesting to me. Latest: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
Junk food: Well, Malay snacks, especially kerepek bawang and keropok lekor
Location: Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Animal: Cats
Ever cried over someone: Yes, when I feel down, or feeling extremely happy
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: Of course I do. What do I hope is to be even more mature than I am
Do you think you're attractive: Maybe, depends on you. I mean, you might say that I'm attractive or otherwise
If you had to choose a fairy tale as your life what would you choose: The movie Tiga Abdul as directed by Tan Sri Dr. P. Ramlee perhaps. (I wish I could take an example of Abdul Wahub as myself)
Do you play any sports: Of course! Running, jogging, walking, football, cycling, volleyball, and others I haven't mentioned

If you wish to tag this to your blog, please do. And, don't forget to notify me OK? Have a nice day! :)


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