Thursday, June 11, 2009

Of Arts, Law and Engineering

Hmm... As usual, this is my holiday. So, it is of no use to waste time during my university break, right? I just crossed my mind over posting this into the blog. I don't know why, but I felt like typing it here because I felt that these things are disturbing my mind always. Haha. Okay, this is about my brothers who take different courses in universities. My eldest brother took Graphic Designing in Limkokwing Institute of Creative and Technology (LICT), now working as a graphic designer in Malaysian Today. My second brother in my family, I felt sorry for him, because he is having autism unfortunately (You may ask what autism is). And my third brother is currently taking Law in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). Those are my three brothers. Now, I am the youngest in the family currently taking Bachelor of Chemical Engineering in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). How lucky to be the youngest in the family. Haha.

However, living as the youngest in the family isn't that easy as you think. Because in here, I will get frequent scoldings from my brothers, especially my third brother named Rizal (although I've reached 20. Huhu.) I can't resist his scoldings although he said something illogical although he claimed that I should think common sense. (Of course sometimes his scoldings were worth it, but when he uses his rage quarreling over me something I have never heard of, that made me ponder twice about it although those were shocking to me). Imagine at that time how hard I have to face it. I just face it, no matter how hard or easy the life is. Because this is life. Haha. Isn't it?
Well, my eldest brother, named Aris, said before that his pay is not worth it, but still survived there to be a loyal worker in Malaysian Today (I think he should have changed his job to get a better pay). Currently, as I heard by my experienced and quite a wise guy (my eldest brother lah), he said that the pay in Malaysian Today turned out to be badly paid. Hmm... I wonder why. Maybe they just sell the Malaysian Today magazines at certain places and the publicity is low. It is no wonder the pay is low. (Talking about business huh?) Haha.

Before he went to LICT, he were once scolded by my mother for failing his Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia. When my mother scolded him, he would desperately spit on the floor. That was the most shocking thing I've seen in my family life. At that time, no wonder my mother gets upset over him. Huhu. If I were him, I don't know what to say.

Well, Rizal, the third son in the family, did law, just like my parents do. My mother likes it. But, when I insisted to do law, my parents will not allow me to pursue it. Maybe because my parents have something in mind that made my parents not to allow me to take law. I think, if I asked my parents again, maybe they would say this again that I am a person who always feeling angry and not being able to do it. But well, whatever my parents think of, let that be. Only God knows. Of course, since I am the youngest person in the family, of course I also get frequent scoldings from parents. Agak-agaknya aku ni manja sangat la kut. Dah lah aku ni anak bongsu. Lepas tu, kalau rayu banyak-banyak, aku pula yang kena marah. That's why. That's how one live as a youngest son in the family.

Since my parents won't allow me to do law, I just try my best to do engineering, since I have a tight grip on my Physics, Chemistry and especially Maths. Then I tried to put Chemical Engineering on the top of my list in UPU form and thankfully I got that and currently doing it. When doing this course, don't tell me. They are really tough than I thought. However, after the break, I'll be doing my second year of bachelor in UPM. Wow... I cannot resist to do the second year courses because the courses looked quite interesting to me. Haha. Well, if you want to know more about this, you may ask me, or wait for my next posts of my blog.



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