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Blog on vacation

Harap maaf. Blog ini hendak berehat buat sementara waktu.

Sementara itu, selamat menikmati blog ini!
Enjoy! :D


Friday, June 18, 2010

Masa telah berlalu

Menghitung hari
Detik demi detik

Masa ku nanti apa kan ada

Jalan cerita kisah yang panjang

Menghitung hari...

Menghitung Hari - Kris Dayanti

Masa oh masa... Sekelip mata sudah 9 bulan telah berlalu. Dilantarkan ke hospital atas penyakit kanser yang tidak disangka telahpun dihadapi. Atas sebab ini, saya telah ditangguhkan bukan satu semester, tetapi dua semester berturut-turut, disebabkan masalah kanser ini. Sampai hari ini, saya sudah sihat wal-afiat atas izin Allah (InsyaAllah). Naik sem ini, saya akan mengulangi semester ketiga saya; walaupun saya belum habis 'khatam' semester ketiga. Belum habis belajar kursus-kursus semester ketiga lagi. Maka, atas kenyataan ini, saya mungkin tidak akan berada di sisi batch 2008/2012. Saya akan habis kursus ini dalam masa lebih kurang 3 tahun lagi, ataupun pada tahun 2013 kelak.



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Puasa nazar selama 7 hari

Pada Tuhan kita doakan
Diselamatkan dijauhkan dari Neraka
Mudah-mudahan dengan rahmatNya
Kita semua ditentukan nikmat di Syurga

SubhanALLAAH - Diwani

Tanggal 4hb Rejab 1431, saudara ADNAN HAFIZ BIN ZAINAL ADZAM akan menjalankan ibadah puasa nazar selama 7 hari (genap seminggu). Oleh sebab demikian adalah disebabkan saudara telah menghadapi penyakit kanser di antara bahagian dada dan paru-paru, selama lebih kurang 7 bulan. Sekarang, saudara sudah kembali pulih dengan izin Allah.

'Sengih' and the gang pada bulan yang diberkati Allah :)



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nihon-go o benkyoushimashou! (4)

Haha. Adakah belajar hiragana dan katakana bosan? Seronok, kan? Tetapi tidak mengapa, apa kata kita belajar bagaimana hendak bertutur dalam bahasa Jepun. Mungkin yang ini lagi seronok. :)

Selamat pagi.

Selamat tengahari. (Helo.)

Selamat petang.

Selamat malam.


Terima kasih.

Maaf; tumpang tanya.

Minta maaf.


Ini sahaja pelajaran BJ saya di sini. Minta diri. Selamat belajar ya.
Until next time, さようなら。(Selamat tinggal.) :)


* Nihon-go o benkyoushimashou! (3)


* Nihon-go o benkyoushimashou! (5)


Monday, June 14, 2010

Of lemon and lime

"I wonder how
I wonder why

Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky

And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree..."

Lemon Tree - Fool's Garden

Well, I thought of sharing something interesting about the name foundation of lime. This was because I'm actually a citric lover! Do you, too? As most of you know that lime and lemon can be differentiated by its colour, isn't it? Lemon is yellow in colour and lime is green in colour.

Mmm... Nice sour lemon!

Okay, I'm sure you know the look of a lemon fruit, right? I'll share with you about the history of lime. I just read a book called Food & Cancer by Dr. Chris K. H Teo and Ch'ng Beng Im. I received this book from someone concerning about my terrible chest cancer in about last 9 months, I guess. So I read through it, and I was surprised that everything written in that book is rather 'boring', but this book 'cares' about me, very much. Did you know what? Everything written in that book was about food. Nothing else!

Suddenly, I read somewhere in that book, and read about limes. It says that limes are good for relieving arthritic pains, benefit the liver and are therapeutic for hot tempers and negative emotions, just like me. I always get angry when I have stress over family conflicts. Well, I guess this is my turn for me to eat lime fruit.

Lime.. Me likey!

However, I was quite surprised to see that the lime got its name by the nickname 'limey' (that sounds great, don't you think?). The surprising discovery of lime was that they used it on British sailors to have enough lime juice everyday in order to survive in ten days, sailing out at sea. That was about 19th century, I think. Before they set sail, the English ships were required to carry enough limes for each sailor to get ready to set sail. In this case, it was used by them as a remedy for scurvy, because of its Vitamin C, generally.

Orange. Yummy!

So, if someone don't really like citrus stuff, it's better to make up your mind that it can help you to obtain Vitamin C, or the chemical name ascorbic acid, or its molecular formula: C6H8O6. Did that helps you a little for your chemistry? Hope you really like chemistry because, I liked it too! Well, not only that vitamin C can help to prevent scurvy, and it is of cooling nature, according to that book, whether it is orange, lemon or lime. Well, that's my short description about lemon and lime. Hope you enjoy reading! :D


Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Nippon Trip

"Ue o muite arukou
Namida ga kobore nai youni

Omoidasu haru no hi

Hitoripocchi no yoru..."

[Ue o muite arukou - Sakamoto Kyuu]
(The original Japanese song of the modern "Sukiyaki" song)

Well, sorry for the late updates on my blog. Now, it's time for me to tell something happening in Japan. There were lots of things I saw in Japan recently. Maybe this is just the first time I've ever been in Japan. Actually, my purpose to go to Japan is to looking forward to their culture or well, maybe the modern Japanese culture! It was like a week tour (around 28th May until 3rd June of this year). We went there two weeks ago by Malaysian Airlines (MAS), with our tour group. These photos that I will show in this blog are just the highlights of Japan, although my eldest brother and I took plenty of photos of it. It was pretty fun, I tell you. A MUST GO destination!

A takoyaki man. Looks quite handsome, isn't he?

Who he might be? Well, I guess he's one of the students who were eager to open a small business, for this case, a 'mobile' takoyaki stand (well, it's just a van, I suppose!) The fact is, the Japanese teens did this just for a living. Hmm... His skills of making takoyaki is considered good, indeed, but the problem is, that man spoke to me in Japanese! Wow, thankfully I learned a little of survival Japanese. That gives a little of ease of communicating with Japanese people. Very glad. I did fail a little to communicate with him, when we just want to ask for six of those. Well, I replied, "三つ(mittsu)", that means "three" in Japanese. Then the man was puzzled, and replied to me something like, "六つ(muttsu)", for six, and I nodded. Hmm.. "Mittsu" and "Muttsu". Pretty close, isn't it? That was because he sold it by 6's, 9's and 15's. Luckily he understood me! Very glad! I didn't understand what he's trying to say after that, but I heard him uttered like "ハンサム(hansamu). "Handsome" I suppose. Simply replied to him, "そうですね。(Sou desu ne.)", meaning something like "Is that so?" Then, we went off after buying those takoyaki. That's a little story of a 'takoyaki man'. He's such a nice person, I think.

Mt. Fuji and I

The next one, Mt. Fuji came into view, at last! Thank God. Well, I guess 富士山(Fuji-san) is such a 'shy' mountain. At one day, we cannot see the mountain, but at the other day, it appeared! Well, it's such a hard one to get a view of this little Mt. Fuji there. By the way, we, in a tour group, also went to just the 5th station of the tall mountain Mt. Fuji (3,776 m). It was a cold place to be. Love the weather. If you decided to get there, I would advise you to bring your sweater along. Freezing cold! :D

The background of Todaiji Temple; beside me is my eldest brother, Aris

Ah-ha! Another tourist attraction, which is, 東大寺(toudaiji), Todaiji Temple, in Nara. It is said that it was built around 8th century (don't know which year is that either). In the temple, I've also just seen a 大仏(daibutsu), the large statue of Buddha. Pretty huge from a view. By the way, we two brothers went and buy various souvenirs to bring back, but the pricing of souvenirs are relatively high, in comparison with my country, Malaysia. A cute little souvenir can cost as expensive as ¥1,000. That's an ocarina, a type of musical instrument. (Wish I could play well with that instrument) Then, outside the temple, we saw lots of deers walking around, and bows at you (if they've had the chance to). Pretty fun!

Ocarina. Rumors heard that this is used to call the deers in the deer park of Nara.

Lastly, I have had a tour group photo in one of quite an authentic 旅館(ryokan), a Japanese inn. Wonderful, isn't it? I first thought that it is NOT a ryokan at all. Tatami mats arranged nicely, with 座布団(zabuton), Japanese seating cushions... placed nicely; but somehow, the toilet is too 'high-tech'. I was puzzled. However, I asked our tour leader, Patrick about it. He said that a place like that is already considered as ryokan if it is arranged such and such, just like the one in my group photo. Glad to be the one who came to a ryokan for the first time.

The Shuriken family. Nah, just kidding! This is our group photo. Miss you all :)

Okay, that's it for now about my trip to Japan. Overall was a great tour to be. Wish I could go to Japan once more, but not too soon. Maybe 2 years from now. Until next time, sayonara, Japan. Miss you a lot... but, I have to continue studying in Malaysia next month. Japan in my dreams!

One of the Japanese programmes shown in Japan. Weird, isn't it? Another possibility is that this program may be an educational programme. Anyway, I like the way it is like in Japan. Sugoi!

P/S: Well, if you ever wanted to travel to Japan, but without knowing anything in Japanese (language), you still can survive there in Japan. Even though you know a 'little' Japanese, don't be ashamed of. Most of them will teach you and correct you, no matter you uttered anything in a wrong manner, even the wrong words! How amazing the Japanese culture is. So, don't get embarrassed about it. For those who are learning Japanese (日本語), Gambatte ne! Or you may chat with me in Japanese in my blog, if you want. :)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010





~パート6.1: 1.00リンギ=29円。どう思いますか?(2010年5月1日)
~パート6.2: 全部「ぜんぶ」ではタルビーヤーです。(2010年5月3日)
~パート6.3: アスリナ先生「せんせい」が私の家「うち」へすぐ来ます「きます」。よかった!(2010年5月4日)
~パート6.4: フレキシブルになるよ。(2010年5月5日)
~パート6.5: 電話帳「でんわちょう」をアップデートします。(2010年5月5日)


~パート7.1: 『いいね。』が私の大好き「だいすき」な日本語の言葉「ことば」(2010年5月6日)
~パート7.2: がんばってくださいファシリテートルKMJ!(2010年5月6日)
~パート7.3: 金曜日の祈り「いのり」をすぐします。マスジドへ出発「しゅっぱつ」!(2010年5月7日)
~パート7.4: あの方「かた」になりましょう!(2010年5月8日)
~パート7.5: 何か。(2010年5月9日)


~パート8.1: さびしくなるわ。(2010年5月10日)
~パート8.2: 魚「さかな」を一生「いっしょう」に食べましょう「たべましょう」!(2010年5月10日)
~パート8.3: 約1時間「じかん」サイクリングマラソンできました。つかれたけどたのしい!(2010年5月10日)
~パート8.4: 時々おかしいですが。(2010年5月11日)
~パート8.5: 外でサイクリングします。(2010年5月12日)
~パート8.6: 雨「あめ」みたいですね。(2010年5月13日)
~パート8.7: まあまあだね。(2010年5月14日)
~パート8.8: 1時「じ」ですね。はい。少し「すこし」休憩「きゅうけい」(2010年5月15日)
~パート8.9: ステッピングの石「いし」(2010年5月15日)
~パート8.10: ユーターンへ行きます。(2010年5月16日)


~パート9.1: おはよう、世界!(2010年5月17日)
~パート9.2: 浮き沈み「うきしずみ」(2010年5月18日)
~パート9.3: 私はすぐ運転「うんてん」する...(2010年5月19日)
~パート9.4: トレーニングフィールド(2010年5月20日)
~パート9.5: 夜の瞑想「めいそう」(2010年5月22日)
~パート9.6: 毎日は教育日です。「まいにちはきょういくにちです。」(2010年5月23日)
~パート9.7: メガネの時間!(2010年5月25日)
~パート9.8: 未来「みらい」をさがして...(2010年5月26日)
~パート9.9: ストレスマネジメント(2010年5月27日)
~パート9.10: 明日「あした」があるさ...(2010年5月28日)
~パート9.11: 日本へすぐ出~発「しゅっぱつ」!よかった!(2010年5月28日)


~パート10.1: 日本は...すごい!(2010年6月3日)
~パート10.2: やっぱりたのしかった!(2010年6月6日)







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