Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy holidays, everyone!

I know, I believe that almost everyone here is having holidays, right? Convince me if I'm wrong. Haha. Hmm... Such a boring holiday huh? Well, why not we think about this in a bit. Time for us to imagine here. Did we actually know that the word 'holiday' consists of? Doesn't it consist of two combined words of 'holy' and 'day'? Then, if we are able to realize this, then we should also be able to distinguish those two words mentioned with the word 'holiday' itself.
So, would you think that I want to say that we should do someting holy? Well, I would say, definitely. Why? Because this is the time to show gratitude to God who has created the world, to bring remembrance to God. Not to say that we cannot enjoy the holidays just after crossing the mind over the word 'holy'. Still, we can enjoy where we can, but don't enjoy too much though, seriously. Frankly speaking, if we enjoy too much, we would get bored eventually right? So, my simple advice is, enjoy while offering prayers. That's why I wanted to bring this forward to the topic. Haha.

Since this is holiday, why not we just look back at the past? I would also need to remember this myself too. Look back at whatever sins we have commited, look back at anger, hatred, sadness etc. Sometimes we did not realize to do this. From there, we can actually bring those back to the current and take them as a positive thing to perform better in life. Just like some people quoted this, "Be positive in life." If we think it positively, maybe we could succeed in this world or otherwise. Together we can be better for a better tomorrow in this borrowed world, since we would die one day. We won't know. Only God knows.

Time for us to ponder. Whether we live in an easy-peasy life, a miserable life, we just have to face it whether we like it or not. Face it with a smile, since smiling is sadaqah (charity). If we smile to people who are in sorrow, maybe they will smile back at us one day when we face the life full of sorrow. Maybe you might have heard this long time ago that smiling is also infectious. Haha. I was about to laugh at this one, but actually, indeed, it turned out to be so true. So, smile! =)

Last thing to bear in mind, we just need to do good wherever we go. I think I won't be able to write that many words, but I think it's worth sharing, since sharing is caring. Haha. I think that's for today. So as I were saying, happy holidays, everyone!!

p/s: That picture doesn't have anything to do with this topic though. Just a decoration for the blog itself. Haha.



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