Friday, June 19, 2009

1st year ends, 2nd year will begin

Hmm... Time flies as we go on and on. Exactly just like going for matriculation studies. But the life in university is different entirely. In UPM, when we want to go from a faculty to another, it may be far away, or nearer. Anyway, thankfully we can use the the bus service for free. But sometimes when we ran out of time, we have to run very fast to get there when there are no buses available. Imagine how hectic the schedule was. Haha.

My 1st year results (Semester 1 and 2) is considered as OK, but still, I need to work harder than that for the coming semesters because next semester will be a more hectic one than the previous ones. However, those subjects that we had taken in the previous semesters were considered as easy because they are supposed to be the basics for my final year project later on. In addition to that, we should compile all the tutorials done in the previous semesters as an evidence in order to take the final year project in 4th year.

Great memories to share in the first year. After finishing the Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) exams, we went out from the exam hall and waited there in the bus stop. While waiting, my friend captured the photo of us, which have only five of us (one missing, eh.. sorry, the one missing is the one who take the photo of us, Tachi I guess). In the photo, we have Faridz, Hisyam and Mujahid standing in front, while I'm standing behind them (the one wearing the jacket on).

I think I have only a few weeks before struggling for my 2nd year, which will be started on 6th July 2009 in UPM. All the best chemical engineers, since we'll be in demand for the future!



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