Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Mess Hall Room

Hmm... This is not my first time I studied like this. I did this for quite a number of times. Sometimes, when I was in a rush, or maybe stressed with too much work to do, this was what I automatically do in my real life. Instead of a mess hall cook cooking in a restaurant, this is what I get: a MESS HALL ROOM in my ROOM!!

Urr! Bear with me. It's very messy at that time. When I dilligiently do work in my room, this is what I usually do. Messing the room like this. Anyway, I have a purpose for messing the room like this. Not to say that I'm a sloppy person, maybe you can call me that, because someone also think that chemical engineers are always sloppy. Haha. Actually, I'll be having tests (indeed, I've done one test this week) in UPM. Ugh. Well... I guess I really need to get up and tidy that room. So I will study better at least. Hehe.


どうもありがとうございま す。


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