Monday, May 4, 2009

The memories of chemistry lab

I guess this is my only last semester (i.e semester 2) to do some laboratory for Chemistry in my course. I guess I won't be doing Chemistry again for the coming semester. It's now for me to bid goodbye... Kinda sad right? But what to do? This is what I have to learn for my early 2 semesters. Maybe for some other semesters I'll be doing different labs and other practicals for chemical engineering I guess. Haha.

For the next semester, I think it would be more packed since I'll be doing more practicals than just theory. It would be more fun to have more practicals in the course since they lead us to some daily work life or tasks. But need to beware though, more practicals, more work. So this would be my time for me to struggle for my next semester.



  1. jgn riso...chem lab smpi sem 3 je..pasni chem eng lab ag byk..sbor ek..tggu...hehhee
    chemcl engn mmg bestttt....hahaha


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