Saturday, May 30, 2009

Save petrol against the high-rise fuel prices?

Wonder why I posted this? Very well. You might think that this is not much of use in daily life, but I just want to share this with you. The economy over the world is not stable, so do the fuel prices too? That's why I wanted to give a simple advice about this (I might not be able to explain much, but you may add on if you want to). I just got influenced this by a fuel consuming car which can relate to high displacement cars which can consume more of the fuel. Actually I also did this presentation somewhere else in a group when my teacher asked us to present it. Haha. But not everything about it I know. So this is what I have in mind at least.

When you have a car or any other vehicles to drive, especially when using the high displacement vehicles, just do remember to do this. If you just follow any (or all if you can) of the steps below, it may save little of your fuel usage, or even more (only God knows). Haha. You might know the other steps, but just want to remind you though. Hope this helps.

1. Plan your journey – I know this might be a hard thing to do, but if you have planned regularly, that would not be a big problem for you. I would say that, if you want to go for jalan-jalan, don't just drive first, at least just plan where you are heading to and then you may drive to the desired place. If we don't plan it first, we would have no idea to go isn't it? So, if we don't plan it wisely, we would end up using more fuel as well.

2. Car pooling – Hmm... I think you also can take a taxi, but why want to waste money on a taxi ride? Just want to let you know, in my country Malaysia, some taxi drivers will charge even more for a ride. Like in a Malay saying, "mau cekik darah ke?" But frankly speaking, I don't know what to say about our taxi drivers. Why do they want to make money by doing this? Anyway, tell you what, why not lend from someone a vehicle for car pooling? If that's possible, then it's easy for you because it can save more fuel in advance.

3. Idling engine, running fuel – Usually when we park somewhere we would just leave the engine on right? Just to tell that from studies, when using a normal car for example, if we leave the engine idle for about 5 minutes, it would use about 65 ml of fuel. So, imagine, when we leave it idle for about an hour, how much fuel will be liberated? About a litre right? So, why not put this into a practice... Just turn off the engine and get out of the car to get some fresh air for a while before going into the car. It's that simple.

4. Pump the tires – Wonder if we just drive the vehicle without inflating the tires… That would be hard to maneouver right? Then, it will waste more fuel as well. So, inflate the tires to the specified tires to increase the efficiency of fuel usage in vehicles.

5. Drive smoothly – Sometimes, we didn’t realize about driving smoothly or not. We just accelerate and brake suddenly without realizing it. Actually, by accelerating or braking suddenly, it can waste your fuel easily. So, it is best to accelerate slightly slower rather than accelerating much faster for the need for speed of the driving even though we want to rush for something.

6. Wind up the windows while driving – This is a trick I suppose. Most of the people, like Malaysians, sometimes feel very desperate to wind down and turn off the air-cond just to save fuel. Actually, it doesn’t work out to save the fuel, but it caused the vehicle to use more of the fuel. This is because there will be air friction acting towards the inner part of the car. (Actually, there are many ways to explain about this in physics) This means, more fuel consumption. So, just wind up the windows just for the sake of saving the fuel if the air-cond is fully functional. Otherwise, if the air-cond is not fully functional, don’t just suffer in the vehicle by winding up the windows. Maybe winding down a little would do (but not too much). Haha.

7. Fill the petrol during the night – Another nice trick that I can share with you I guess. My friend told me this long time ago, and this worked out to be true when it comes to physics. When we fill the petrol during the day, the temperature of the environment will be hot right? If the temperature is slightly higher, then, the density of the petrol kept in the tank will be slightly higher. So, the volume of the petrol would increase as well. Why not give it a try by filling the petrol at night so that we can save the fuel even more?

That’s all I can share with you. Hope that these practices would be more useful in saving the fuel especially in the economic crisis. Haha. (That’s what I have to say at least). If you want to have more tips on saving fuel, just ask me, or otherwise, you may search from the Internet for more tips on saving the fuel. Happy driving!


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