Monday, June 14, 2010

Of lemon and lime

"I wonder how
I wonder why

Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky

And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree..."

Lemon Tree - Fool's Garden

Well, I thought of sharing something interesting about the name foundation of lime. This was because I'm actually a citric lover! Do you, too? As most of you know that lime and lemon can be differentiated by its colour, isn't it? Lemon is yellow in colour and lime is green in colour.

Mmm... Nice sour lemon!

Okay, I'm sure you know the look of a lemon fruit, right? I'll share with you about the history of lime. I just read a book called Food & Cancer by Dr. Chris K. H Teo and Ch'ng Beng Im. I received this book from someone concerning about my terrible chest cancer in about last 9 months, I guess. So I read through it, and I was surprised that everything written in that book is rather 'boring', but this book 'cares' about me, very much. Did you know what? Everything written in that book was about food. Nothing else!

Suddenly, I read somewhere in that book, and read about limes. It says that limes are good for relieving arthritic pains, benefit the liver and are therapeutic for hot tempers and negative emotions, just like me. I always get angry when I have stress over family conflicts. Well, I guess this is my turn for me to eat lime fruit.

Lime.. Me likey!

However, I was quite surprised to see that the lime got its name by the nickname 'limey' (that sounds great, don't you think?). The surprising discovery of lime was that they used it on British sailors to have enough lime juice everyday in order to survive in ten days, sailing out at sea. That was about 19th century, I think. Before they set sail, the English ships were required to carry enough limes for each sailor to get ready to set sail. In this case, it was used by them as a remedy for scurvy, because of its Vitamin C, generally.

Orange. Yummy!

So, if someone don't really like citrus stuff, it's better to make up your mind that it can help you to obtain Vitamin C, or the chemical name ascorbic acid, or its molecular formula: C6H8O6. Did that helps you a little for your chemistry? Hope you really like chemistry because, I liked it too! Well, not only that vitamin C can help to prevent scurvy, and it is of cooling nature, according to that book, whether it is orange, lemon or lime. Well, that's my short description about lemon and lime. Hope you enjoy reading! :D


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