Monday, March 23, 2009

Mind your English

It was the time when I went with my family for some quality time. The place we went in is at Jusco department store near somewhere else. After we bought what we need, we went to the cashier. Suddenly, when we wanted to pay at the counter, I saw a notice board posted on the cashier booth and then captured a photo of it. Without realizing it, I saw some grammatical errors on the notice board. (I've highlighted one of the most obvious one in the photo). It looks a bit blur after I used my phone to take that photo. Sorry about that. Maybe I retype it for you then.


Good sold are exchangeable or returnable with full refund of monies paid provided that goods are returned within 14 days from the date of purchase, good condition, unused with the original receipts.

Now for my comments for the ones that I've higilighted in red:

NOTIES - A spelling error obviously. Our Malay word for 'notice' is 'notis'. I think that the person typing this might derive from the Malay word and eventually come out with 'noties'. Haha.

Good - From there, they might expect that the customers have to buy one stuff in a go. Yet at the same time, we can obviously think common sense that the people who comes here would like to buy a few things while browsing the store right? Unless if they wanted to implement that every customer is only allowed to buy a stuff in a go. That's a nice joke right? Haha.

monies - Wow... a beautiful word that I've never ever heard in English! I suppose that the guy wanted to make it a plural noun or something, so he/she may derive the word 'money' to become 'monies'. The word 'money' is still a noun, however, this noun is uncountable. So, there must not be a word 'monies' in the dictionary I suppose. Hahaha.

I think I also saw more of this somewhere too, but did not manage to take the pictures of these. If I can manage to take another photo, maybe I'll post another one here. Hopefully you enjoyed the laugh over the photo.



  1. wakakkaa..
    agak klaka la..
    bagos sape y wat notice board 2 kan?

  2. there is word "monies" in dictionary. please check. one of the meaning is - The official currency issued by a government or national bank ; definition by thank you..


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