Saturday, January 31, 2009

UPM at a glance...

Oopszz... I almost forgot to tell you the rough story about this... Haha. Actually, I got the offer to go to UPM taking Bachelor of Chemical Engineering. Before I entered to UPM, I felt glad because maybe I could meet some friends from matrix... and hopefully some of my secondary school guys. However, when I arrived to Kolej Sepuluh UPM (that's where I'm currently staying), I looked in the list of newbies, and surprised that I saw about half of them who entered this engineering field were Chinese. Anyway, when I chat with my friend, from my matrix, I found out that he took architecture. So I had a feeling that this college occupied with engineering and architecture students.

Aha! The picture above is my college, Kolej Sepuluh (Tenth College). Looks cool huh? Well, during the Orientation Week, when I occupied a room in this college in room 209, I met with my roommate from matriculation too. And his name was Tachi (not his real name). You may visit his blog here You might see that his blog is... like more advanced than me (maybe he always update his blog). Anyway, I just started my blog here recently. That's why my blog looks new here. Haha. Ok... Back to the topic now. After I chat with him, I already knew that he was about to shift to another college because he decided to join PALAPES (something like army training). I felt quite sad that I couldn't stay with him anymore. After he left this college a few days later when the Orientation Week started, I felt quite lonely in the room. But don't worry, I meet him in the lectures eventually.

Since I was lonely in the room that time (not just me, but those who wanted to join army training and cadet training), there comes a guy knocked the door. His name is Sawak (what a strange name, but anyway, not his real name). Then he asked me to move to another room, to 558. Then I carried my things to go to another room. In coincidence, I met another roommate from the same matrix college, Afiq. Then he greeted me happily to his room. At that time, I almost felt quite excited because I met with my long lost friend with me. Hehe..

Yeah... During the orientation week, we also did sukaneka for our intercollege in UPM. For our Kolej Sepuluh, we could carry some hampers from this sukaneka. I feel proud to be one of the Kolej Sepuluh guys!!! By the way, I could manage to gather a photo of me from somewhere. That's me on the photo (on the extreme left wearing kain pelikat) and beside me is Cucur (not his real name). Okiez... I guess I have to stop here. Maybe I continue blogging after I have a free time to spare with.

(to be continued...)



  1. hahha...this is acap..he is my matrix clasmate...

  2. wah nadim... iz it...? not bad if u cud say diz... at least i have a friend like him here... haha... anyway, gud luk ye... mudah2an test 1 la kita kne target... insyaAllah =)


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