Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meet some chemical engineering friends...

Wanna know some of my friends here? Ok then.. For now, I'm going to introduce some of my cool but yet crazy friends I have here. Actually we have plenty of them in our course. So I decided to introduce some of my friends. Since they said that I was a funny guy in the course and so on, now I'm going to bite back towards my chemical engineering wannabe here in this blog. Haha. Watch out my friends! Time for my feedback...

Ok... This is Tachi (looked like he's having a sleeping beauty moment). Haha. And yeah, he's my roommate before but yet he left and stayed in KOSASS until now (as I mentioned in the previous blog post). I wish I could stay with him, but now everything goes fine with me. I meet him quite often. Oh yeah, before that, he's the monitor of the class last semester. Everytime he has a task to do like informing some important information and something like that, he just strictly read out the announcement in front of us. After he announced it he usually don't want to repeat to anyone. That sounds strict right? That's what makes me remember most out of him. But never mind... Don't worry, actually he's quite a kind person all round.

Ok... This is my next person, Hisyamuddin. Looks like he's studying something, but don't know what book was it. Haha. This guy stayed in Kolej Sepuluh still... just like me. But he's not my roommate. He stayed in room 245. He's a kind of person who are quite friendly when it comes to girls. Everytime he met a few girls, he just chit-chat with them happily for whatever topic he would like to talk about. Actually, he scored quite well in matrix. And yet he's from the same matrix, Matrix Johor.

For the next person here, he's Faridz. He's a roommate to Hisyamuddin. When I come to his room, they're as if coupling each other. Haha. Just kidding. They are close with each other, like chemical bonding you know. Seriously. When they want to buy food together, they always go together. Provided that I was with them, they would like to invite me to eat together. Ok.. Actually, he's a guy who also good in Maths. When the results of the last semester came out, he got higher than some of us including me.

I guess this is my last person to mention here. Looks stylish huh? Ok... His name is Mujahid. When it comes to assignment, test and so on, he started to think about asking people around him including me. I would say that he is quite a workaholic person I met before. But in some occasions when he couldn't manage to finish the work, he asked me for help and I would just help him out. By the way, he's quite a religious person too. Not only when it comes to prayers, but also when he goes anywhere, I saw him ocassionally wearing kopiah or hat. I was impressed. Hopefully one day, I would follow him wearing the kopiah like he does.



  1. woiii..
    asal letak pic aku nga waat kije haram 2?
    hahahaha..letak la pic aku nga tuuutt ke..
    nga makan ke.
    baru besh..

  2. kurang asam adnan.. ambik gambar sexy aku masa aku tgh tido.. hehehe =P


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