Thursday, January 29, 2009

Matrix Time

This was the time when we're in matriculation in Matrix Johor... The lecturer's name was Ms. Suganthi. She teaches us Chemistry in the lecture hall. When we learn Chemistry, we usually feel tired when we listen to lectures right..? But this time round, she has to finish the chapter with the limited time of lecture. So she decided to extend the lecture hours. Then our friends in the lecture hall like us said 'ala' after we heard that she wanted to extend the hours of teaching. Maybe we felt tired after lectures, so we feel like we could not carry on learning Chemistry.

Before I want to tell you the story, I want to tell this. She always respects the azan (call of prayers) by being silent during the lectures (although she is not a Muslim). Ok, now I tell you the story. Guess what? After she heard the voices of 'ala' from us, especially from Malay, she replied to us something like this, "Ala (Allah) is God. So, you must study harder." Then she carried on teaching the subject. At that time, I almost felt like crying after I listened to teacher, but at the same time, I almost laughed at what the teacher told me about that. That time round, I studied Chemistry and scored well in the exam indeed. Alhamdulillah. That was thanks to her, because she gave us the spirit to study hard. And now, I am going to strive harder...

To all my friends, all the best for the future!! =)


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