Thursday, July 8, 2010

The end of 2nd operation

「お前が生まれた時 父さん母さんたちは
私たちだけを 頼りにしている

息子 (Anak) - 杉田二郎

Diaries of IJN 2nd operation (3rd July 2010 ~ 8th July 2010)

The days of operation have passed. The only way get on with my studies is... to rest for a while after my 2nd operation. Nothing else, but to recover at home. I loved my 'stay' in IJN, but I have to go however... I'll miss you IJN! *sob* *sob*

Smiling is one of the virtues of life :)

Last Sunday (3rd July), I was admitted to the IJN ward. Long waited for the operation treatment to be held. After that, came the anasthetist, doctor and the surgeon to perform the operation. I felt a bit scared though, but it's not painful after all.

My mother... at hard times

After the operation, I was sent to the different ward. Thankfully this time, I was not admitted to the ICU. Thank God. Here goes the story after the operation. After the operation, I have to lie on the bed all day long, fed with hospital food and had me bandaged on the operated part. That Tuesday night, I couldn't sleep at all, kept on pressing the button of the 'painkiller' (actually it helps to reduce pain after the operation). Early in the morning, I can't sleep.. until around 6 a.m. Around that time, I slept well after the pain started to reduce. At that time, I felt much relieved. Thank God.

Thank God... I'm able to stand up!

I woke up again around noon, but I can't go to the toilet. Thankfully, I had had the catheter near my bladder for urination purpose. Until Thursday morning, I have to carry on with my x-ray on the ground floor of the IJN building. So I have to ambulate myself, carrying with me the catheter with the aid of the wheelchair in order to get there. (Sounds embarrasing, isn't it?) After the x-ray, the results came and my surgeon Mr. Ezani informed that my chest functions well.

In the IJN cafe

Back to my ward. While lying on the bed, I used this spirometer to exercise with my lung function. At that time, I could only reach 500 ml over my breathing exercise. Until Thursday midnight, I had my catheter removed. Lega hati, rather than having myself lying on the bed all the time. Around that time, I ambulated myself along, meeting the nurses outside, before getting myself to sleep.

An IJN ward 'shot' before being discharged from the ward

Until the morning, I was called to do some physiotherapy before getting discharged from IJN. In the end, I just get ready something to carry back to our home because I have to discharge that Thursday on 8th of July.

~ The end of the story ~


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  1. alhamdulillah dah okay. belajar baik2 ye nak. hehehe ^^


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